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Broward Turf & Paver service Maintenance Plans

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Services that prioritize you Why Choose US?

With years of experience in preserving outdoor elegance, we have honed our skills to perfection. Our approachable experts are dedicated to delivering the finest service consistently, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain pristine. Your satisfaction is our top priority at every stage of the process because we believe that your outdoor space should reflect your distinct style and vision.

Crafted by Experience
Benefit from our extensive years in paver maintenance, where we've mastered the art of preserving outdoor elegance.
Trusted Excellence
Our approachable experts are unwavering in their commitment to delivering the finest service, each time, every time.
Tailored Brilliance
Our meticulously designed plans are tailored to accommodate your distinct needs and financial preferences, ensuring your contentment at every stage of the journey.

Maintenance plans


cleaning plan

Embrace immaculate pavers with our monthly cleaning ritual. Banish grime, debris, and unsightly stains, allowing your pavers to gleam all year round!
Pricing: Starting at $100.00/mo
3 Month

cleaning plan

Revel in the splendor of spotless pavers, all at a pocket-friendly price. Our 3-month plan guarantees consistent cleanliness and affordability.
Pricing: Starting at $115.00 every 3 months
6 Month

cleaning plan

Entrust us as your paver partners! Our biannual plan encompasses a comprehensive package. Twice a year, we cleanse, inspect, and assess your pavers, preventing issues from escalating.
Pricing: Starting at $135.00 every 6 months

cleaning plan

Cost-effective and impactful, our annual plan showers your pavers with care without the burden of constant upkeep.

Pricing: Starting at $150.00/year
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What is the value of Maintenance plans

Our plans add years to your pavers’ lifespan, ensuring your investment remains breathtaking for years to come.

Immaculate, inviting pavers elevate your property’s charm, instantly boosting its overall value.
Say farewell to invasive weeds, bothersome insects, and the sinking blues. Our vigilant maintenance safeguards your pavers’ impeccable condition.

Rely on our expertise for guidance that keeps your pavers perpetually polished.

Sealers and Additional Services

Seal of Excellence:

Beyond Clean:

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